Maryland Gun Works (MGW) Sight Pro Tool


I don’t know how it is in your area, but here in California, most gun shops either don’t install sights, charge an arm and a leg for the installation, or wont install them unless you buy them from them at inflated prices.

This led me to begin searching for a more economical way to install sights on a bunch of my guns, some friends guns, and for being able to do changes of sights for reviews and testing. In my search I found that there are more than a few options, everything from DIY style contraptions to specific branded installers for specific sight and gun models.

I wanted something that would last, work with multiple firearms, and not damage and slides, sights, or anything else for that matter. The only “real” option that I found was the MGW Sight Pro tool. I say real, because for my use, I wanted something that was good but not $600 and would work with a bunch of different models (instead of having 10 different tools). The Sight Pro can be picked up from places like Midway USA or Brownells for around $329.99.
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