Gamdias Zeus Laser Gaming Mouse

Gamdias sent me out their Zeus laser gaming mouse to try out.

The Zeus gaming mouse is a very aggressively designed and highly adjustable mouse with laser precision tracking. One of the most interesting features of the Zeus mouse is that the sides of the mouse are adjustable via wheels on the bottom as well as ergonomic inserts that fit between the adjustable areas.

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I recently got my hands on a GAMDIAS Ourea optical mouse as part of a promo package. This is a low cost, entry level gaming mouse that offers a good amount of features, specially for the price point.

In Greek mythology, the ourea (Ancient Greek: Oὔρεα “mountains,” plural of Oὖρος) were progeny of Gaia, members of the Greek primordial deities, who were the first-born elemental gods and goddesses, children of Gaia – wikipedia

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Logitech G502 Proteus Core


Time for a new mouse! I’ve been using the same mouse for 6+ years, time to move to more modern technology! For computers and peripherals, I generally look towards gaming products, since, in most cases, they are better built and come with more features than general “consumer grade” products… But that usually comes with a bit of a price tag. But if you can handle the price tag, generally you will get a much better product for the money.

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