Gamdias Zeus Laser Gaming Mouse

Gamdias sent me out their Zeus laser gaming mouse to try out.

The Zeus gaming mouse is a very aggressively designed and highly adjustable mouse with laser precision tracking. One of the most interesting features of the Zeus mouse is that the sides of the mouse are adjustable via wheels on the bottom as well as ergonomic inserts that fit between the adjustable areas.

Look and Feel

The design of the Zeus mouse is pretty aggressive, I like to call it the “spaceship design.” This makes it useless for lefties, but that is pretty standard.

The Zeus has a braided cable, like most of the Gamdias products. This helps add a nice design to pretty much everything. Thus far in my use of all of the Gamdias products I’ve used I haven’t had any issues or breakage with their cables, they have proven to be nice and durable.

For me the more aggressive designed mice generally take a little longer to get used to using, and that was no difference with the Zeus. It took me 2-3 days of use to really get comfortable and not notice the fact that I was using a different mouse. This was largely due to the pinky and index finger placement. It is just not super comfortable for me. The nice thing here is that the Zeus has adjustments on the bottom to push out or pull in certain areas. With some adjustments, I was able to find a nice middle ground that was comfortable. But it did take some playing around with the adjustments for a while.

This leads into the available adjustments on the Zeus. There are 3 adjustment wheels on the bottom that move side panels in and out. This allows you relatively easily adjust the mouse for the size and shape of your hand. It’s not something that I’ve ever had on a mouse before, so it The more aggressive designed mice generally take a little longer to get used to definitely took some playing around to find the right spot for everything. Also included with the mouse are 2 different size inserts that fit in spaces between the adjustable areas that act as spacers and just add a little more comfort to the mouse when used. Along with all of these things, the mouse also has a weight compartment in the bottom that hold 5 x 4.5g weights for adjusting the overall weight of the mouse. The compartment that holds the weights is a little wonky in that if you push it in at a weird angle it stops it from closing, so you have to hold your mouth right to get everything to line up. So if you can’t get the door closed, don’t force it you need to pull the door out towards the back and bottom of the mouse and the little stops should align so it will close.

Another aspect to the look of this mouse is the lighting. There are a few lighting areas on this mouse, the scroll wheel (profile indicator), thumb button area (DPI indicator), Gamdias logo, and under mouse (ambient) lighting. The Gamdias logo color (orange) can not be changed, nor can the ambient (red) lighting. You can adjust the brightness of the ambient lighting, but that’s it. None of the other areas are fully RGB customizable, but you can pick from 6 preset colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) and assign those to different settings (corresponding to profile and DPI settings).


The buttons on the Zeus are pretty decent, they are clicky and crisp. Including the 10 buttons and the scroll wheel.

The main left and right click buttons are quite long feeling, meaning that you can pretty pretty much anywhere your fingers may touch to get a “click.”

Also, most of the mouse is also configurable via the Gamdias Hera software. So you can tweak a lot of the options, profiles, etc.


Tracking Method Advanced Gaming Laser Sensor
Dimension(LxWxH) 127.14 x 84.46 x 43.2 mm
Weight 154g~176.5g
Keys 11 Keys
Resolution up to 8200 DPI
Polling Rate 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000 Hz
Built-in Memory 512KB
Weight System Yes (4.5g x5)
Switch Lifecycle 11 Million
USB Cable Length 2m (Braided Cable with Gold-plated USB Connector)
Graphical UI Yes (GAMDIAS HERA)
Model No GMS1100

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Zeus mouse is very aggressive. The size and aggressive nature of the mouse make it a little tough for me to use day to day. For gaming and things that require quick actions, it works well. However, I’ve found that I just can’t use it long term. I think it has a lot to do with my hand size. I have smaller hands, so the positing is not the most comfortable or easy to use.

So, in short, the Zeus mouse is a nice option that is customizable and configurable and good for gaming. But you should definitely try one out before you buy to make sure it’s comfortable for you. It’s a very aggressive design and won’t be comfortable for everyone. Otherwise, it works well and is customizable and configurable.

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