3D NAND Flash Memory

3D NAND - Die with M2 SSD

On 3/26/2015, Intel Corporation and Micron Technology, Inc. posted a press release touting their new 3D NAND Flash Memory.

In short, what this means is that they have created a new way to create higher density solid state memory… 3D Memory! They boast that this increases capacity by 3x and that boost of capacity comes along with a “significant cost savings, low power usage and high performance.”


  • New technology that uses floating gate cells – 3x capacity than other production methods
  • Enambles the creation of smaller form factor devices with large storage – 2.5″ SSDs with greater than 10TB
  • New processes and techniques that will extend Moore’s Law for flash storage
  • Expected to increase both performance and endurance of the storage

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