Osprey Ozone 46 Travel Pack


I recently purchased the Osprey Ozone 46 travel pack as an alternative to some other travel packs I had been using, mainly to get a little more space for winter gear.

In the past I had been using a Mountainsmith Parallax camera backpack for most of my travels and it’s worked well. But over the years I’ve started bringing less and less equipment with me and needing more space for clothing and other accessories. The Parallax has about 1880 cu. in. of storage space while the Ozone 46 has 2807 cu. In., so the extra space makes things great for stuffing in things like extra jackets, rain pants, etc. Items that I really had to pin to the outside of the Parallax to get it all to fit.

The Parallax has become my short travel, or day-to-day carry around bag for camera equipment as I still love the padding and customization available with it. And for longer trips, I still use the interior travel case that came with the Parallax for my Nikon D810 camera, I just don’t bring extra lenses or things like that, as I’ve found I don’t use them when doing most of my travel photography.

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Review: Mountainsmith Parallax Camera Backpack

Mountainsmith Parallax Camera Backpack

I’ve been wanting a camera backpack to carry my camera equipment for quite some time. The over the shoulder bag (Tamrac System 6) that I have been using works well, but, it gets a little annoying and uncomfortable on long treks. It’s served me well for going on 3 years now, but for longer travel, more involved hiking, etc. I wanted something more comfortable that allowed me to transport a little more.

After doing a fair amount of research and checking out multiple bags in local retailers I zeroed in on the Parallax bag by Mountainsmith.

I picked mine up from backcountry.com. They have awesome customer service and good pricing, check them out.

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