KWORLD S24 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones


KWORLD sent me a pair of their S24 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones a bit ago to try out… These are lower priced earphones for on the go.

There isn’t a ton to say on these earphones in my opinion… They are low priced, nothing fancy but get the job done in one fashion or another.


These earphones are comfortable for me, but I’ve never really had any issues with in ear style earphones. I do prefer over ear headphones for long term usage as in ear models tend to bother me after a few hours. But earphones are generally ok for me for an hour or so before they become annoying, and this seems to hold true with the S24 earphones as well.

Depending on the size of your ears, etc. these types of earphones will vary in comfort for you, but the plus side is these are low priced enough that if they are not super comfortable you can get buy using them in small doses when on the go and not worry too much about them getting broken, lost or stolen.

The S24 comes with a pair of medium size “HD memory foam” ear tips as well as small, medium and large silicone ear tips. The memory foam tips are what I’ve stuck with and they seem to be working just fine. Not super comfortable, but also not uncomfortable.

Sound Quality

The S24 earphones sound OK. They are a little low on bass side of things. Which is not so bad for gaming (it actually makes a lot of the sounds very crisp in game) or phone calls. But for anything else like listening music they are lacking… The sound is just a little hollow.

In general they are just OK sounding, nothing to really write home about, but for the price they are a decent option for on the go. They sound decent in comparison to other earphones in the same price point.

Look & Feel

The general look and feel of these earphones is basic. They are pretty bland and not really my style. So your opinion may be different. But the simple and super thin black cable feels cheap, though that is pretty standard for earphones at this price range, and the light housing of the actual earphones feels just blah. There is nothing really special about the construction. And the cables are going to be delicate to some degree… so be careful not to pinch them in anything, etc.

Again, these are OK for the cost, but there are many other options in this price range and these are really nothing to write home about.

Final Thoughts

While the S24 earphones are OK and sound decent for the price point. If you dont want a mic, earphones with a mic tend to die quicker for me for things like gym use, the Audio-Technica ATH-COR150BK earphones that I use have lasted me for longer than any other pair of in ear earphones has ever lasted.

All-in-all, the KWORLD S24 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones work and are low cost. So if they fit your budget and your style, then they will definitely get the job done. There are better sounding and more durable options out there at similar price points, in my opinion, but those options generally don’t have a mic.

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