Interflon: Fin Super Synthetic Lubricant


I was sent some Fin Super synthetic lubricant by Interflon. I believe they are working to push their product more aggressively to the firearms industry, but it applies as an all purpose product for many applications as well.

The product is generally available in a 300 ml (10.14 oz) aerosol spray can for around $28 USD (from Amazon). That comes down to aprox. $2.76/oz, a price that is pretty middle of the road for a firearms lubrication solution, but really expensive when you compare it to things like WD-40 with PTFE. Here is a break down of some of the costs that I was able to dig up on Amazon for some common products.

Interflon Fin Super is now available, as of April 2020, in a 50 ml Squeeze Bottle for aprox $14 USD.

Product Weight (oz) Price (USD) Price/oz
Break Free CLP 4.00 $11.08 $2.77
FireClean 4.00 $29.90 $7.48
Frog Lube CLP 4.00 $9.95 $2.49
Frog Lube Liquid CLP 8.00 $27.13 $3.39
Interflon Fin Super 10.14 $28.00 $2.76
Rem Oil 10.00 $10.75 $1.08
Slip2000 EWL 4.00 $13.73 $3.43
WD-40 11.00 $8.91 $0.81
WD-40 with PTFE 10.00 $5.98 $0.60

Interflon has setup an Amazon store with more available products. Check the store out form more information and more products that you might be interested in.

Interflon Amazon Store

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Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge


Every wanted to know for sure what the pull weight of your trigger is? Made any modifications to your trigger, maybe the “25¢ Glock Trigger Job”?

With the Lyman trigger gauge, you can get a decent measurement of you triggers pull weight. So, if you are doing some gunsmithing, or are just curious, you can find out what your trigger pull is set to. This is especially good to know if you are doing any custom trigger work, like polishing or doing upgrades.
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Maryland Gun Works (MGW) Sight Pro Tool


I don’t know how it is in your area, but here in California, most gun shops either don’t install sights, charge an arm and a leg for the installation, or wont install them unless you buy them from them at inflated prices.

This led me to begin searching for a more economical way to install sights on a bunch of my guns, some friends guns, and for being able to do changes of sights for reviews and testing. In my search I found that there are more than a few options, everything from DIY style contraptions to specific branded installers for specific sight and gun models.

I wanted something that would last, work with multiple firearms, and not damage and slides, sights, or anything else for that matter. The only “real” option that I found was the MGW Sight Pro tool. I say real, because for my use, I wanted something that was good but not $600 and would work with a bunch of different models (instead of having 10 different tools). The Sight Pro can be picked up from places like Midway USA or Brownells for around $329.99.
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Neiko Tools – 6″ Digital Caliper (01407A)

I’ve been in need of my own set of digital calipers for a while now, so I decided to take a look on Amazon and see what options I had. There are quite a few options… The Neiko 6 in. caliper was a “best seller” and had good reviews. And for $17, I figured I’d give them a go.
I’ve used many pairs of calipers in the past, mostly non-digital versions. I must say I prefer digital; it’s quicker, easier, and offers more functionality. That being said, if you use dial calipers enough, it becomes second nature. But for myself, who doesn’t use them every day, it’s a pain in the butt.
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