Pro Tip: Clean Your Device’s Ports


It sounds pretty obvious, right? You need to clean out the ports and vents of your computers, phones, tablets, etc. If you don’t, it can lead to overheating, faster than normal wear (generally due to excess heat), shorting out, and just plain old not working.

A good example of this is for cell phones; I had a phone that when the power plug was connected you had to hold the cable at just the right angle, otherwise it would not charge. So I took my trusty can of “air duster” and blasted out the power port… boom. No more issues charging.


The same goes with laptops and tablets, especially devices without fans and ones that you keep in your pockets (phones). The heat syncs, vents, and ports get filled with dust and lint and become less efficient as well as block airflow. All of this adds up to increased heat which can lead to an early death of the device.


What does all of that mean? You should keep a couple cans of air duster on hand and schedule some time to clean out your equipment, at least once a year, but if you can, do it more frequently then that. If your equipment is in a dusty environment, try to clean it more frequently; everything will work better and last longer.

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