Interflon: Fin Super Synthetic Lubricant


I was sent some Fin Super synthetic lubricant by Interflon. I believe they are working to push their product more aggressively to the firearms industry, but it applies as an all purpose product for many applications as well.

The product is generally available in a 300 ml (10.14 oz) aerosol spray can for around $28 USD (from Amazon). That comes down to aprox. $2.76/oz, a price that is pretty middle of the road for a firearms lubrication solution, but really expensive when you compare it to things like WD-40 with PTFE. Here is a break down of some of the costs that I was able to dig up on Amazon for some common products.

Interflon Fin Super is now available, as of April 2020, in a 50 ml Squeeze Bottle for aprox $14 USD.

Product Weight (oz) Price (USD) Price/oz
Break Free CLP 4.00 $11.08 $2.77
FireClean 4.00 $29.90 $7.48
Frog Lube CLP 4.00 $9.95 $2.49
Frog Lube Liquid CLP 8.00 $27.13 $3.39
Interflon Fin Super 10.14 $28.00 $2.76
Rem Oil 10.00 $10.75 $1.08
Slip2000 EWL 4.00 $13.73 $3.43
WD-40 11.00 $8.91 $0.81
WD-40 with PTFE 10.00 $5.98 $0.60

Interflon has setup an Amazon store with more available products. Check the store out form more information and more products that you might be interested in.

Interflon Amazon Store

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Gear Aid ReviveX Durable Water Repellent Spray


I’ve been needing to waterproof, or re-waterproof a few items and just been lazy on it, but I finally ordered some Gear Aid ReviveX Durable Water Repellent (DWR) spray to try out.

Why did I pick the Gear Aid ReviveX DWR spray, well, Arc’teryx recommends it as one of the primary DWR sprays to use on their products, and, simply, it was the easiest one to find online. I looked around for a few other brands, and most places were out of stock, or just plain didn’t have any other options. If you have other DWR sprays that you like, let me know, so I can check them out!

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IO Inc – 2015 Conference Updates


Recently IO Inc held there 2015 annual writers and buyers conference in Palm Beach, FL. This was the second year that I was in attendance at the conference, and there have been some changes to the company between then and now.

One of the larger changes is that Ramzi Kheireddine appears to no longer be with the company and Eduardo Debarros is now the VP of Production. Eduardo previously worked for Taurus (for 20+ years) and focused on their expansion and eliminating issues with production. “While at Taurus he [Eduardo] was able to help that company expand from 100 guns a week to producing more than 5000 guns a week”.

From the sounds of everything, IO Inc is hoping that Eduardo can help expand and optimize their production lines, help reduce waste, and improve quality.

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Audio-Technica Core Bass In-Ear Headphones


I recently killed another pair of headphones, marking the 6th pair in the past 2-3 years, so when I jumped on Amazon to take a look for some new ones, I decided to buy low priced since everything from $6 – $40 has died on me. $40 isn’t what I would call expensive for audio anything, but for in-ear headphones for the gym and occasionally listening to a podcast with, it gets expensive to have to replace them every 3 to 6 months.

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The Gun Range – North Highlands, CA


I recently had the opportunity to attend an event taking place at The Gun Range in North Highlands, CA (right outside of Sacramento, CA). This was more or less a low key “open house” event for the shop where they had some vendors come in to show case some of their products, and gave the shop the opportunity to outline some of the services and amenities that they offer. More on all of that to follow…

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Inside The Waistband IWB Holsters

IWB Holster 01

I’m going to take a look at some of the Inside The Waistband IWB Holsters I’ve used over the past few years for concealed carry and cover some the many questions people who are looking to start carrying usually ask me.

Before I start in on a lot of this, remember that a lot is subjective to your body size and shape and to what type of firearm you are planning to carry. Something that works for one person, may not work or be comfortable for another.

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