Looking to get into long range shooting?

The Military Arms Channel on YouTube just released their first video (EP1) of their “Getting Started in Long Range Shooting” series.

Mac and Evan Green from Griffin Armament discuss the important first steps, like choosing a rifle, the caliber you want to shoot and the type of optic you should get.

For getting started they recommend a bolt action rifle, and shooting for the most accurate platform you can get (MOA or sub-MOA). As Evan says, “The more accurate the system is the more you’ll be able to see your weaknesses.” Basically they sum it up as saying you can get started for around $1000.00 but spending more will get you better features and sometimes better accuracy with things like custom barrels.

After rifles, they dive into calibers… They both agree that they really like 6.5 Creedmoor, but depending on the range you plan to shoot for, you can customize your choice. If you’re planning to go for extreme long range things like the .338 Lapua is a great round; but if your shooting sub-1200 yards, things like the 6.5 and the .260 are great choices. You can also use standard 7.62 NATO or 5.56 NATO for closer range shooting. Just make sure you can get good ammunition or do hand loading.

Then into optics, they recommend spending something between $700 – $1500 and should have some type of ballistic or mil-dot reticle. They specifically mention the Vortex PST optic and suggest something with a power of around 4x-16x. They also mention the Primary Arms 4x-14x FFP that you can get for around $230. Basically boiling it down, Evan says “anywhere from $750 – $1600, and you’re going to be able to compete with 95% of shooters.” He also notes that from a glass quality standpoint, you’re really splitting hairs between the $2,000 and $4,000 price ranges, and most people don’t need anything that expensive.

Watch the whole video below, it’s definitely worth a watch if you are looking to get into long range shooting and need a starting point.

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