AR-15 Completed Build

I finally got most of the parts for my AR-15 build up and got everything put together.

Here is a parts breakdown:

The first thing I want to really point out is the fit of the upper and lower. I have a Smith and Wesson MP15T AR-15 and when you grab the pistol grip, there is noticeable wobble between the upper and lower. They are just not “precision” fit. With the Coronado Arms lower and BCM upper, there is absolutely no wobble. Everything is an exact fit. I try to outline some of that in the review video at the bottom of this post.

This was my first from the ground up build, and I was surprised how easily everything went together. I’m really looking forward to getting this rifle out to the range and seeing how it shoots!

I’m waiting on getting a CA legal bullet button and then I will get to the range and a range report and video will follow. Please subscribe to my youtube channel to get updates on when I get everything put up.

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