Midwest Heavy Duty QD Front Sling Adaptor

The Midwest Industries Heavy Duty front swivel, upon first impression, is definitely heavy duty. It has weight to it, and at its thinnest point is 1/8 in thick.

The swivel is detachable via push button and also has turn locks to limit rotation. This is a huge help with keeping your sling from getting twisted up. The one thing that I did notice about the swivel is that the bluing (or whatever they used to make the metal black) appears to stick to things and come off. It appears to just be excess coating, as rubbing it does not cause you to get to bare metal, but I did need to wipe the parts off a bit to keep it from turning everything that touched it black.


Description: Detachable heavy duty front sling swivel
Rail Type: Picatinny
Dimensions: 1.125in (L) X 0.875in (W) X 1.125in (H)