Otis Cleaning Kit

Quite a long time ago I was looking for a cleaning kit that I could easily pack in my range bag, take to training classes, and just have available whenever I needed it. After checking out a few brands, I decided to pick up an Otis Cleaning Kit.

Why did I pick the Otis kit? Well, there wasn’t any one specific reason, but, the amount of pieces contained in the kit, the price, and the compact size all played into the decision. I feel that it had a little bit of everything that I would need, at a good price.

The kit I picked up generally resembles the 5.56/7.62 Cleaning System. Though it doesn’t look like they have the exact kit I ordered for sale any more. The one listed above actually contains more than my kit has… So, now I want a new one. But the basics with all of the kits includes Memory-Flex® Cables for pulling brushes and patches (breach to muzzle), a “teaser” set of patches, and some gun oil. Then, depending on what kit you get, you get various other items like brass scrapers, disassembly tools, and various sizes of other cleaning implements. So you will want to pick a kit that closely matches your needs.

I originally picked up this kit to be my “just in case” cleaning kit for my AR-15, but it turns out that I use it every time I clean my guns (rifles and handguns). I like the Memory-Flex® Cables, they are compact, and just make the cleaning process quick and easy. You also don’t have to disassemble most firearms to just do a quick cleaning with this system.

Since I use this kit most of the time I clean my firearms, I burnt through the patches the kit came with pretty quickly. The “system” uses custom patches with small notches cut in them. This is so you can loop them and pull them through the barrel without the eyelets dragging on the rifling. But, I’ve found that you can use a good cotton patch in place of the Otis patches. You just have to cut a notch in them. If you use patches that have a loose weave, they will pull apart, so make sure to get higher quality patches. That being said, the Otis patches are pretty nice, so if you have extra money laying around, go for it. Otherwise, just get good quality cotton patches, and cut them.

Overall, these kits are great. They are durable, have many options, and just plain work. So if you are looking for a nice, compact and fully functional cleaning kit, check Otis out!