Gun Maintenance: Breakthrough Solvent

Breakthrough Solvent 2oz -

Cleaning your guns… Some people clean their guns every time they use them, others don’t know what cleaning their guns means. There is a lot of gray area in between those two extremes, but think about where you fall on the scale.

I try to clean my guns after every use; I like my guns to be clean. It’s how I was taught to take care of my guns, and it’s how I still take care of my guns. Now, that doesn’t mean I take them completely apart and bust out my tooth brush and polish every single part, but I run a swab or 3 down the barrel, wipe down the major dirty parts, get as much grime, brass and lead fouling off of the gun as possible and then lubricate all of the major friction points.

Recently, I was introduced to Breakthrough® clean, a “Military Grade” cleaning solvent.
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