Gun Violence Restraining Orders (AB-1014)

If you follow the firearms industry and the issues the industry faces you may have heard about California Assembly Bill 1014 (AB-1014). AB-1014 was originally an energy bill (“Energy: electrical corporations: green tariff shared renewable program”) but was re-introduced as a gun violence bill after the recent attacks in Santa Barbara.
AB-1014 is titled “Gun violence restraining orders.” The bill outlines details about “… a procedure to obtain a gun violence restraining order and, when applicable, a firearm seizure warrant, when a person poses a significant risk of personal injury to himself or herself or others by possessing a firearm.”
Much of this law is quoting existing law, e.g. you are not legally allowed to be in possession of firearms if you have a restraining order or if you are involved in a domestic violence situation the police are allowed to “temporary custody of any firearm or deadly weapon in plain sight or discovered pursuant to a lawful search”. But, what the bill is doing is offering up more and more ways for the police to seize firearms from otherwise law abiding citizens.

Any person may submit an application to the court …”

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