Node RADIUS Server Example

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of small projects that involve RADIUS authentication on devices and have had to build multiple RADIUS auth servers for testing communication and integrating with 3rd party systems.

A very cool thing about being able to spin up a simple RADIUS server is you can create a basic server then hook it to your favorite authentication service and/or threat detection service. So, for example, let’s say you want to authenticate a user against a local repository or LDAP directory, then verify that the user is valid in your enterprise threat detection system, you can do that by simply adding in another validation step.

It also gives you the option to point servers at your custom application and send login requests to it and verify what your clients are sending, etc. This is great for debugging hardware that may not have the best internal logging. The options are really endless.

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WordPress Simple Sharing Buttons


I recently needed to make some updates to this blog to fix some issues, update a few items and “get with the times” on a couple things… One of the things I wanted to make “fit” into the site a little better, or what I feel is a little better, is some more themed social icons.

Here’s what I did for these buttons.

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MVEL Templates with Java


I recently had the need to develop a Java application that allowed the creation of HTML templates that could contain some basic if-else logic as well as bind some calculated parameters. The key around this was to make the templates editable, since they contained a lot of frequently changing content.

What I found to use was the MVEL 2.0 expression language.

What is MVEL, well I think their site says it best, “MVEL is a powerful expression language for Java-based applications.”

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Aeries PIC Table – Saving Student Pictures with C#


If you are a school district using the Aeries PIC table for saving student pictures, you may have the need to extract pictures for use in other applications.

As districts switch over to use the “new” PIC table, this will become especially important if your district has a site that may update it’s pictures frequently or has a large turnover of students and new pictures are added throughout the year.
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