Aeries Services

Santomieri Systems has years of experience working with Eagle Software, their databases, and their systems. Whether you are a school district that is thinking about implementing Aeries or a long standing user of Aeries, we can help you out with implementation planning, upgrade planning, maintenance, and *custom development.

  • Aeries Client Server (Aeries CS) Installation
  • Aeries DBA Consulting and General Database Administration
  • Aeries EMT Configuration
  • Aeries.Net Installation
  • Aeries Browser Interface (ABI)
  • Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF)
  • Aeries Customizations (Custom Forms, Tables, Extracts, etc.)
  • Aeries Integrations (Using other software with Aeries)

Having experience with most common database systems, MS Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle, we can help you with almost any database issue or project you may have.

Santomieri Systems is not a replacement for any services offered by Eagle Software. We are devoted to providing extra and specialized support for Networks and Servers that Eagle Software does not specialize in.

* - All custom development should be brought to Eagle Software’s attention and offered to them before hiring an outside consultant.

Aeries SIS Aeries CS Aeries .NET Aeries EMT

Aeries PIC Manager

Due to requests for the ability to export pictures from the new Aeries PIC table, Santomieri Systems has created a simple application for viewing and exporting data from the PIC table.

The application allows you to view students and their pictures, export an individual student picture into one of multiple formats or to bulk export pictures.

To install the applciation, click here.

License: Free
Uninstallation: Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Uninstall

We also have applications available to script the export process, please contact us for more details.