Who is voting for these people?

The elections for Secretary of State of California are now over (as of June 4, 2014), and all 22,353 precincts have reported in… And guess who received 9.8% (289,602 votes) of the vote? Leland Yee, yes, the same Leland Yee who has been indited for conspiring to traffic in firearms and public corruption.


You can read the affidavit on the Yee (and numerous others) case, here. It’s a long read, about 137 pages, but there are some absolute gems in there (page 84 is a good one).

KEITH JACKSON asked UCE 4599 “You know what you want right?” UCE 4599 told SENATOR YEE and KEITH JACKSON he wanted any type of “shoulder fired” weapons or missiles. SENATOR YEE asked UCE 4599 if he wanted “automatic weapons” as opposed to semi-automatic weapons. UCE 4599 confirmed with SENATOR YEE he wated automatic weapons. KEITH JACKSON asked UCE 4599 about the quantity. UCE 4599 told SENATOR YEE and KEITH JACKSON anywhere between $500,000 – $2,500,000 worth of weapons. – Pg. 84, Line 17 to 23

Let that sink in… the person that was working on a deal for “shoulder fired [missiles]” and “automatic weapons”, even after the charges were filed, placed #3 in the race for Secretary of State!

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