QoD: 80% Lower Felon Roundup?

In the wake of the raid of Ares Armor for selling 80% lowers, the ATF seized customer lists. Though the ATF has provided assurance to EP Armory that they will not go after their customers…


As for current customers in possession of the original model. We have received direct assurance from the ATF that current customers in possession of the original have nothing to fear. They have given our legal team this assurance in the motion that as long as the person or persons in possession of the current model is of legal status of owning or possessing a firearm to the original GCA statement you will not be visited by a group of badges. Our legal team will be making a direct statement concerning the ATF standpoint this next week. – EP Armory Facebook Post

But what if the ATF used the customer list to find and identify known felons who purchased the lowers?

These felons are probably in possession of other firearms, presumably acquired illegally, and may have turned the 80% lowers into illegal firearms…
So, should the ATF go after any known felons on the lists they have acquired from the raids?

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