IGMAN Bosnia and Herzegovina 5.56x45mm (FMJ M855 62gr)


I recently purchased some 5.56x45mm M855 ammunition from Freedom Munitions. This is imported ammo from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The rounds are 62gr green-tip (M855) ammo and are brass cased and very clean (cleaner than I anticipated for some reason).

The price point on this stuff was great (as of July 2014) at 32¢ (USD) a round plus a $5 USD shipping (a promotion they were having, followed by a free shipping promotion… Always a day late, or early, as the case may be).

The ammunition came boxed in a large box containing 5 sealed clear plastic bags each containing 200 rounds. Each of those bags contains 10 small boxes of 20 rounds each.


It’s nice that everything is boxed and sealed. It makes it easy to store and will hopefully avoid moisture well.

Other than that, this seems like great ammo… It shoots well (haven’t had any issues with it thus far) and it’s relatively clean, as far as 5.56 ammunition goes.

Here is a 20-shot group, just messing around, standing @ 50 yds through an EOtech EXPS3-0.


Check it out if you are in the market for some good 5.56 at a semi-reasonable price.


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